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Alyssa, Tom, Nico, Dean, Danny, Mrs. Redzinak, Ms. Wallace

Parents of Special People, Inc.
Fall 2010 & Winter 2011 Speaker Series
All workshops will be presented at 7:00 PM at
Cambridge Park School, One Crest Way, Aberdeen NJ 07747
Directions can be found at www.marsd.org ;
parking is available.
All workshops are free, but space is limited;
registration is required

Wednesday, November 17 th G. Emerson Dickman, Esq. of Dickman Consulting Alliance ( www.dickmanalliance.com ) will present “The Link between Learning Disabilities and Social/Emotional Development” . Mr. Dickman, a special education attorney & past president of the International Dyslexia Association, will discuss the research & some possible solutions to help prevent LD students from developing behavior issues. Register for this workshop at pospmatab@aol.com

Wednesday, December 1 st – POAC (Parents of Autistic Children) will present “Hidden Dangers & How to Keep Children with Developmental Disabilities Safe in the Community, School & Home” This workshop will address your concerns about wandering, internet safety, school & transportation issues, sexuality & personal safety. The workshop offers concrete suggestions & strategies to increase safety & decrease risk at home, in the classroom & in the community. Each participant will receive a Free Safety Kit that includes many important resources & tools. Register for this workshop at www.poac.net

Tuesday, January 25 th – POAC & PoSP will co-host Hillary Freeman, Esq. of Hinkle, Fingles & Prior ( www.hinkle1.com ) on “Developing Collaborative IEPs” This workshop will address the IEP as both a process & a product. Participants will learn the process of decision making, how supports, modifications & accommodations are considered & applied, how to write measurable goals, what considerations go into a child's placement & how to work collaboratively with your child's team & avoid unnecessary conflict. Register for this workshop at www.poac.net

Thursday, February 10 th - POAC and PoSP will co-host Hillary Freeman, Esq. of Hinkle, Fingles & Prior ( www.hinkle1.com ) for an “On Site IEP Review” Participants will have a private 15 minute review of their child's IEP with Ms. Freeman. Expert review of your child's IEP now may help to prevent issues later. Space is extremely limited; participants must have a specific appointment for this session . Please call the POAC Training Coordinator at (732)-785-1099 to set up your appointment with Ms. Freeman.